Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Small vs Big Sellers

There is a difference between sellers, and this one is the most obvious. Small seller, someone with prices like this:
Their way: They hunt for not so rare items, hotbuys, something they can resell for not much higher. They have a lot of patience for constant searching in bazaars for bargains.
Pros: They will almost always have stardollars for broadcasting, and their sale will keep going, as long as they restock it. 
Cons: Little money, never enough for some big purchases, like LE collection or tribute stores collections.
Big sellers:
Their way: They hunt for big, real bounty hunters. They invest in more expensive items in order to get many stardollars. They know exactly what they want and have ways to get it.
Pros; Big money, really great income. Can collect enough for bigger purchases.
Cons: Usually because of high prices they get broke, don't have enough for broadcasts. And get stupid annoying comments like 'OMG your prices are too high, blah blah blah'

So what kind of seller are you? Answer on poll I will put on sidebar. And who do you think is better?
Me? I used to be small seller, but now I have 'overgrown' it and I have no more patience for this, so I am big seller, let's just say I got over 500 stardollars now, of course they are locked now. (Darn Stardoll!)


evermore1girl said...

I have bought one or two items from the top seller you featured :D

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