Monday, 11 April 2011

What not to do

At least if you want to be collector, and have rares, you will want to have good reputation, of course. Then you surely know you shouldn't scam. EVER.
But what you also should not do is to refuse to give back items to person that got hacked. Picture this: you caught rare DKNY in vintage shop for 2sd, rushed to get it, bought it, but then someone tells you that they got hacked and hacker sold that particular piece of DKNY clothing. Okay, first, you should check what reputation they have, if they are known well. And ask for a screenshot that you bought it from them. If they give it to you, the best thing is to give the item back. It will make you feel you did something good, and your consciousness and  reputation will stay clear.
If you ever think twice about giving the item back, imagine you in situation of being hacked. I know, you are watching what are you doing, taking safety measures, not using proxies, etc, but it MIGHT happen still, you never know.


Cassy said...

I had experience like that and the person that bought dress never answer to question, we were offering to buy the dress for the 50 sd but she just ignored us so we stopped asking. It was very rood of her because she could just answer to question and say that she did not want to sell the dress back.
BlingMama1 (Cassy)

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