Sunday, 3 April 2011

From rags to riches - Stardoll version: the beginning

How to price items you got

At first, if you are starting this adventure, you most likely have some items that can be sold for fair prices. Oh, please don't tell me you didn't get the free dkny. Okay, you may have not been there yet, but what about other dkny? Elle? Corture tribute, holiday dresses, antidote, or even LE. So here's a tip how to price those items

Elle - accesories 50+ , tops 100+ , dresses 200+
Dkny - depends on season, but 50 and up
Corture tribute 100+
holiday dresses 50
antidote, elle - at least twice higher, maybe 3 times, depends on original price, NOT the price you got it for

Those are just tips, don't take them too rigid, you may go lower or higher, but this is how much I sell for and they usually get sold.


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