Monday, 25 April 2011


No matter how well you plan, organize your sale, broadcast smartly, someday you might end up with only few stardollars. What to do then?
My first tip is - go somewhere. Visit friend, cousin, go out, just leave Stardoll a bit. Stock your bazaar fully and go. If you are lucky enough, and you have reasonable priced stuff, you might be surprised when you get back.
That didn't work? Oh, well, then you have to lower your prices a bit, or put several cheap items on sale, send broadcast when it's high traffic, and wait. It will have to work. At least it always did with me. Maybe sometimes you will have to wait even few days, but eventually you will sell something.
Still nothing? Message me on Stardoll (VampireLady33), and I will check out your sale and see how can I help. And next time, spend smart. Make sure you always have about 50  stardollars for broadcasts, broadcasts are essential, make sure you are stocked with good stuff, and sales will go.


princess.dior said...

Hi , I'm princess.dior on stardoll a memeber of your sdshopahollics. Thanks for this tip I'll try it out when I'm short of stardollers x :)

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