Monday, 28 March 2011

What not to sell (at least not with high prices)

Hello, so from now on, I will be start making my 'From rags to riches - Stardoll version' guide. I will post articles on blog and on special page named the same, where you will find guide while it is being made and when it's done you will have helpful guide on earning money, that should work, at least it works with me. So here is the first article:

Okay, so you want to make some money, and you got some spare items in your closet. Great! Now let's eliminate things you won't be making much money and you will just waste time and money on broadcasts.

- Free items you got from using proxies. Many users get it, and why would they pay you when they can get them for free. Even if they are not available anymore, the price tag still says zero and it won't make people pay much money for them.
- Opera mystery items. May of us got it for free just by logging in, so only few people would actually pay to get them.
- Any other free items (except they are rewards for competitions). You got the point by now, right?
- Items that just left starplaza. They usually leave with a 50% sale, so if someone didn't buy it from shop, he most likely won't buy it from you for same or higher price.
- Archive items. Similar as above, except they don't leave with a sale, so some people still may not have gotten them, but most likely they did.
- Plain or simple designs. Why would people pay for your design when they could make same for less money.

So that's pretty much it, if you have something to add, write in comment box. Thanks, and happy shopping.


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