Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tips on broadcasting sales

So, you decided to use the most efficient way to advertise your sale. Good choice. Now let's make it more productive.

1. Send broadcasts about 7-8 pm GMT. That is the best time because many stardoll users are online that time.
2. Put more words on it. Simple 'sale' doesn't tell much, and it is short so people have to go way left to click on it. Put the word several times so the message is longer. It costs the same.
3. Explain your sale. 'Rare inspired by sale' , 'limited edition and dkny sale', 'cheap 5/10sd sale' etc.
4. Do NOT lie. Don't tell people that you sell dkny when you don't, or you have cheap sale when the prices are over 20.
5. Direct sales straight to your bazaar. It will be better for you and buyer. If you direct them to your page, you will most likely get spammed about other sales (really annoying).
6. Don't try to make top broadcasters list. It is not worth it. It will take a lot of money and time since minimum for you to be on list is to send 100 broadcasts, usually more, so you would be spending at least 500 stardollars. And it won't make people visit and buy from you constantly, because people go to broadcasting page to advertise, not to look others' sales.
7. Don't advertise too much. This is similar to previous, but this means do not send several messages in a row, it is better to send one each 5/10 minutes. Why? Because if you send like 10 same broadcasts, people will look for the first time, but later they will just ignore it.
8. Put "thanks" at the end of broadcast. (Thanks pnkrkgrl for the tip.) That way people will know you appreciate them buying and it will save your time in thanking each one individually. 
9. Have your own recognizable message. Simple "sale sale starbazaar" won't say much, but if you use same message often, people will start to recognize your name. Any of you remembers "vintage sale, always resctocking"? It used to be my broadcast back then when I had account VampLady, and it would attract a lot of people. Don't be lazy!

So that's pretty much it, if you have anymore tips, feel free to share with us. Thanks.


Beckii Green said...

i find it helpful to just put random words and lots of people click on it! my names colpop7890 xx

pnkrkgrl said...

These are really good tips! Also, I usually put "thanks" somewhere in the broadcast, so people know I appreciate them coming to my sale. If you sell a lot, it's hard to go to everyone's page to thank them, so I put that in at least one of my b/casts, and lots of people come to my sale :)

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