Saturday, 26 March 2011

Advertising on SD

So, one of the basic things for making a sale is advertising. Here are some types and places for advertising, and which ones have what effect on viewers:

Broadcasts - The best way for advertising, for sure. You pay 5sd for message, but it gets shown on top of everyone's page. The best time to advertise is 8pm GMT.
Guestbooks - Really, really annoying, and honestly, in 99% doesn't work, so just don't do it, except you are really really broke.
Dolls/SD Blog posts, etc. - It almost never works, because it gets soon covered by other messages.
Clubs - If it is a club dedicated to sales, fashion, advertising etc, it's a excellent place, but still less productive then broadcasts. If it is another themed club, like for celebs, life, etc, DON'T do it. It will annoy the owner and probably get you banned.
Friend requests - NEVER works, the friend you are sending sale advertising in request will simply ignore it.

So to conclude, broadcasts and advertising clubs are the best options for advertising, others almost never work and they are just a waste of time.


Juju-Fruju said...


if you've heard of an 'Advertising Club' they work really well. If you don't know what they are, they are clubs in which you make a topic and advertise. They do work (:

Milena Petrova said...

thanks for the tip, I edited the post

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