Monday, 28 March 2011

What not to sell (at least not with high prices)

Hello, so from now on, I will be start making my 'From rags to riches - Stardoll version' guide. I will post articles on blog and on special page named the same, where you will find guide while it is being made and when it's done you will have helpful guide on earning money, that should work, at least it works with me. So here is the first article:

Okay, so you want to make some money, and you got some spare items in your closet. Great! Now let's eliminate things you won't be making much money and you will just waste time and money on broadcasts.

- Free items you got from using proxies. Many users get it, and why would they pay you when they can get them for free. Even if they are not available anymore, the price tag still says zero and it won't make people pay much money for them.
- Opera mystery items. May of us got it for free just by logging in, so only few people would actually pay to get them.
- Any other free items (except they are rewards for competitions). You got the point by now, right?
- Items that just left starplaza. They usually leave with a 50% sale, so if someone didn't buy it from shop, he most likely won't buy it from you for same or higher price.
- Archive items. Similar as above, except they don't leave with a sale, so some people still may not have gotten them, but most likely they did.
- Plain or simple designs. Why would people pay for your design when they could make same for less money.

So that's pretty much it, if you have something to add, write in comment box. Thanks, and happy shopping.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tips on broadcasting sales

So, you decided to use the most efficient way to advertise your sale. Good choice. Now let's make it more productive.

1. Send broadcasts about 7-8 pm GMT. That is the best time because many stardoll users are online that time.
2. Put more words on it. Simple 'sale' doesn't tell much, and it is short so people have to go way left to click on it. Put the word several times so the message is longer. It costs the same.
3. Explain your sale. 'Rare inspired by sale' , 'limited edition and dkny sale', 'cheap 5/10sd sale' etc.
4. Do NOT lie. Don't tell people that you sell dkny when you don't, or you have cheap sale when the prices are over 20.
5. Direct sales straight to your bazaar. It will be better for you and buyer. If you direct them to your page, you will most likely get spammed about other sales (really annoying).
6. Don't try to make top broadcasters list. It is not worth it. It will take a lot of money and time since minimum for you to be on list is to send 100 broadcasts, usually more, so you would be spending at least 500 stardollars. And it won't make people visit and buy from you constantly, because people go to broadcasting page to advertise, not to look others' sales.
7. Don't advertise too much. This is similar to previous, but this means do not send several messages in a row, it is better to send one each 5/10 minutes. Why? Because if you send like 10 same broadcasts, people will look for the first time, but later they will just ignore it.
8. Put "thanks" at the end of broadcast. (Thanks pnkrkgrl for the tip.) That way people will know you appreciate them buying and it will save your time in thanking each one individually. 
9. Have your own recognizable message. Simple "sale sale starbazaar" won't say much, but if you use same message often, people will start to recognize your name. Any of you remembers "vintage sale, always resctocking"? It used to be my broadcast back then when I had account VampLady, and it would attract a lot of people. Don't be lazy!

So that's pretty much it, if you have anymore tips, feel free to share with us. Thanks.

Account safety tips

Taken from PSG

1. NEVER give anyone your password. No matter what they offer or promise you, no matter how much they swear they won't hack you, do not trust anyone who asks you for your password! This goes for people you consider friends as well, some hackers on Stardoll go to great lengths to establish a friendship with you and gain your trust. You don't have to be paranoid, just use your judgment!

2. Be very suspicious if someone starts asking you random personal questions like "What's your mother's maiden name?" or "What was the name of your first pet?" because they are trying to get your Security Question out of you so that they can gain access to your email account through the "Forgot Your Password?" feature.

3. Be careful what you click on! Don't go to unfamiliar links sent to you by random people, they could be leading you to a keylogger virus that gives them access to everything you have typed over a period of time, including your passwords. Try not to run competitions that require you to click on links, have tasks in Albums or Sceneries instead of having people print screen and upload to

4. Use a Virtual Keyboard to type in your passwords, not just on Stardoll but in general, especially when paying for things with a credit card online. Most operating systems have a virtual keyboard built-in, and you can also download a free one online.
Click on Start -> Go to All Programs -> Click on Accessories -> Select Accessibility or Ease of Access ->Click on On-Screen Keyboard
CLICK HERE for instructions on how to access your virtual keyboard on a Mac.

5. Beware of proxies! I know using a proxy is popular now to gain access to items that Stardoll gives away in other countries, but it exposes your personal information to third parties and can make you vulnerable to phishing and viruses.

Please contact me if you have any tips to add to the list!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Advertising on SD

So, one of the basic things for making a sale is advertising. Here are some types and places for advertising, and which ones have what effect on viewers:

Broadcasts - The best way for advertising, for sure. You pay 5sd for message, but it gets shown on top of everyone's page. The best time to advertise is 8pm GMT.
Guestbooks - Really, really annoying, and honestly, in 99% doesn't work, so just don't do it, except you are really really broke.
Dolls/SD Blog posts, etc. - It almost never works, because it gets soon covered by other messages.
Clubs - If it is a club dedicated to sales, fashion, advertising etc, it's a excellent place, but still less productive then broadcasts. If it is another themed club, like for celebs, life, etc, DON'T do it. It will annoy the owner and probably get you banned.
Friend requests - NEVER works, the friend you are sending sale advertising in request will simply ignore it.

So to conclude, broadcasts and advertising clubs are the best options for advertising, others almost never work and they are just a waste of time.


Hi, and welcome to my new blog. Here I will share with you some tips how to earn stardollars, buy good items, how to save up and when, etc. I will be also telling you about some cheap or sales with rares, and it could be your sale if I find it good enough (meaning older items, lower prices). So follow and invite your friends too. Thanks.